Payment Info & Insurance FAQs

Payment Information.

Before we begin treatment we will discuss the fee for the service being provided. Payment arrangements can be coordinated with your insurance benefits. We feel it is our responsibility to inform all patients of the costs required for all treatment plan options, and to provide assistance in arranging payment. 

Insurance Information.

Dr Soon & Associates will submit the charges for the services we provided to your insurance carrier as a convenience to you. However, we consider our patients the primary responsible party for their account. As every insurance policy is different, we encourage all patients to know the details of what theirs covers. 

Insurance FAQs

Q: Does your office accept my insurance? How much will they pay?
A: Currently Dr Soon & Associates accepts all dental plans, we are also able to direct bill our services to them on your behalf. We are able to estimate your patient portion based on past payment history. However, it is not always possible to give you a guaranteed quote for payment. If you want to know your exact benefit coverage , we are able to send a pre-estimate to your insurance provider for your treatment plan. This may delay treatment due to response time delays,  but it will give you a more accurate out-of-pocket figure.

Q: Why doesn't my dental/office know what my plan covers?
There are many dental plan options available. Plan coverage is determined by you/or your employer. The details of your plan are protected by the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA). While your dentist can help you understand your plan, they do not know the details of your plan and/or any changes that may occur. It is important to be aware of any financial limits and changes to your plan.

Q: Insurance did not pay. Now what?
As a courtesy, our office submits your claims. When your insurance does not pay, it is your responsibility to complete the payment in full for the services provided.